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My new book is about a disgusting little lizard who helps a girl be herself. Coming early 2023, self published on Amazon.


Sometimes we need an ally for a piece of ourselves that we never felt comfortable being. Maybe we were told we should “be more ladylike” or that we should “fit in better.” These messages can leave us feeling wrong for just being ourselves. Having one person, one ally to let us know it is ok to be ourselves…that is invaluable. Learning to love ourselves...that is priceless!


Disgusting is a story of a girl who is receiving the messages of being a stereotypical girl: being clean, being pretty, and being something she is not. She is a tomboy, messy, disorganized, fun loving, hyperactive, and NOT clean or quiet. She finds a friend in a lizard who lives up to the name “Disgusting.” With her ally she feels more confident to just be herself—a girl who has fun being disgusting. With Disgusting by her side, she finds that she has human allies as well.

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AJ - Books with Character

AJ is a caracal, a boy, and doesn't like to brush his teeth or take a shower. Will he get himself to do it? Find out by reading AJ Brushes His Teeth and AJ Takes a Shower.

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AJ Brushes His Teeth

Boys have a hard time brushing their teeth. This books laughs at that! Follow AJ as he puts off brushing his teeth until the last minute. Will he make it to story time?

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AJ Takes a Shower

Boys don't like taking showers. AJ will do anything to keep from taking a shower, but will his smell get the best of him? How will he get rid of his awful stink?

Art Books

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The Creatures of Imperfection

The Creatures of Imperfection is an art book that can be colored! Camie wrote about her experiences as an artist growing up and welcomes readers to color, make a mess, and own their book!