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With the advent of the digital age, we got digital art. Photography and computers have forever changed the way we see art and make art. You can now make something that seems like an exact replica of what you see in front of you. The camera eye captures the exact same light rays as the eye, right? And we can now draw a perfectly straight line or a certain angle with a computer, and know it is perfect, right?

There was a time when people struggled to do these things - when it was considered superhuman to be able to draw a straight line, a perfect angle, or make a painting look like what we see. Science and Machines have made these things commonplace. What can't science do?

Science can't be human. AI could never been organic. The human part of art isn't perfect, or straight, or simple. It is complex, and messy, and natural. Art is inherently human. To simply copy what one sees is pointless now, because machines can do it better. Why are we competing with a machine? We can use art to fulfill our most amazing adaptation on the Earth - Creativity. We can also use art to express what is inside us, especially those things we can't express in any other way. To copy what a machine does isn't to create something new or to express the humanity within us.

Organic Art.

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