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There is a curve in the road near my house that I drive all the time on my way home. Every time I pass, I want to pull over and paint. I finally went out to give it a try. This is the result. The spot is on the edge of the Broomfield Commons Open Space in Broomfield, CO
8x20" oil on board
About Camie's plein air oil paintings:
Camie paints en plein air about once a week. She enjoys the spontaneity and the adventure that comes with plein air painting. All of her plein air oil paintings are one of a kind. She is selling them to make space. They are painted on hand gessoed, Richeson tempered hard board. These paintings are meant to be sketches, done quickly and intuitively. They are charming in their messy nature. Camie mostly uses standard sizes, which makes framing simple. A painting on board can be placed in a frame without glass.

Original Oil Painting, Trees Across the Field, Plein Air, 8x20"

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