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About Camie 

Artist and Mess Maker

Camie is an artist in Broomfield, Colorado. She makes art everyday. 

Camie grew up wanting to be an artist. She tried other professions without feeling fulfilled, and now has circled back around to art. Camie's favorite kind of art to make is mixed media collage. She finds that beginning with a mess is the best way for her to make sense of the process she needs for the art she is making. She loves the freedom of expression through lines, colors and expressive, creative mark making. Camie also paints with oils as practice in color, value and form. She enjoys plein air painting for the adventure. Camie started making hand-cut prints to loosen up her work, and has found the magic in retranslating images from idea, reference, cutting, ink, and finally into print. Digital Art, 3D modeling, and website design are all fun for Camie. She enjoys the challenge of making a digital design feel organic and messy. Camie started making children's books when her son was young. She found that creating a character based on her son had helped her get past her own parenting frustrations. Camie believes in art as therapy.

When she is not making art, she likes to spend time at the family cabin, play video games and workout.


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