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Discovering Humanity Part II: The Fenced Farm

by Camie Rigirozzi

After Humanity was Discovered by Camie Rigirozzi, she realized that neglecting to establish boundaries with the people in her life forced her to feel more pain than she wanted. The animal imagery that drove Camie’s last art exhibit is again the vehicle she uses to describe what it means to have boundaries between herself and those around her. She learned that emotional boundaries are how we keep our deepest selves safe while moving through this world. Building on her radical use of mixed media collage and utilizing gel plate mono printing with photo transfer techniques, Camie explores the idea of farm animals, fenced and safe from hurting each other. Camie is pleased to participate in Mo’Print (Month of Printmaking) with this exhibit.

The Fenced Farm is a place where boundaries are firm and protective. Lines are drawn between the pigs and the cows, the roosters and the sheep. The goats have their own pen. Some fences are light and fragile but cannot withstand a bull’s charge; other fences are solid walls that keep all out, and all in, with no chance of crossing.

Camie states, “I felt the need to utilize image to understand what it meant to create emotional boundaries. The idea of allowing people into my life while knowing when to say “no” has always been a difficult idea to navigate for me. This year I discovered my boundaries, and gel plate printing, and I got addicted to both.”

Fenced Farm Postcard back.png
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