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Meet Disgusting!
Disgusting is the titular character of my new book. 


Some of us need an ally for a piece of ourselves that we never felt comfortable being. Maybe we were told we should “be more ladylike” or that we should “fit in better.” These messages can leave us feeling wrong for just being ourselves. Having one person, one ally to let us know it is ok to be ourselves…that is invaluable.

Disgusting is a story of a girl who is receiving the messages of being a girl, being clean, being pretty, and being something she is not. She is a tomboy, messy, disorganized, fun loving, hyperactive, and NOT girly. She finds a friend in a lizard who lives up to the name “Disgusting.” With her ally she feels more confident to just be herself. With Disgusting by her side, she finds that she has human allies as well.

Need a Friend? Check out my new book, Disgusting!

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