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My First Gallery Show

I had my first ever gallery show, and it was very successful! I want to thank so many people for the support - artwork is never done in a vacuum, and art is never complete without an audience to experience it!

I am now in the midst of a new experience. This experience is like when you finish streaming a good show, or when you come to the end of training, or when you leave a place and don't know if you will return. I am not sure what my next year of art making will hold. All I know is I want to make more art that satisfies the itch I have to create. I know I want to make art that deals with more than what something looks like, and I want to make art that people feel excited to see (because that means I was feeling excited when I made it). I have a few threads to grasp at, but I don't know if they are attached to the tails of mice, elephants, or lions. I can't find out until I tug on them and see what comes out.

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